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From the highest mountains in Austria to the town with the most hours of sunshine: East Tyrol and particularly Lienz have a great deal to offer in the winter as well as in the summer. Look forward to a wonderful holiday surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery, a charming town and a whole wealth of possibilities.

Summer activities

From exploring the ravines and sun-drenched hours spent by or on the water to high mountain tours, everything is possible in East Tyrol. As the town with the most hours of sunshine in Austria, Lienz and East Tyrol offer the perfect conditions for exploring the beautiful nature here. Anyone visiting Lienz for the first time will be surprised: there are two hundred 3,000 m mountains here with spectacular valleys dotted in between as well as lush meadows and charming villages – and, of course, plenty of warming sunshine. Anyone wanting to spend the summer in the mountains has come to the perfect place in Lienz!

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